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Little Pocket Poetry

Little Pocket Poetry was my first poetry website. I created it to celebrate and encourage the slow enjoyment of poetry—one poem at a time. Located in the southwest corner of Ohio, on the Ohio River (specifically Cincinnati) Little Pocket Poetry was rooted in the notion that “poems come to life” by paying close attention to them.


My friend and writing colleague, Valerie Chronis Bickett, and I offered small classes including the “Poetry Bee” where one poem, and one poem only, was spoken, studied, discussed and responded to in writing. We also offered the “Poetry Jam” in which writers read their own poem to an audience of listeners who used those poems as writing prompts. This led to the motto: Come with one poem; go home with two.


As Little Pocket Poetry thrived, I eventually created April Gifts, a decade-long project to honor and celebrate National Poetry Month. April Gifts gradually grew into 300 annotated poem presentations which I emailed to hundreds of readers. They are now archived and available on this website for your enjoyment.

Although the Little Pocket Poetry website no longer exists, Poetry Bees, Poetry Jams, other classes, workshops and readings are still occasionally presented under the Little Pocket Poetry name. If you wish to be notified of future Little Pocket sponsored programs, please contact me and I’ll put you on my mailing list.

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