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Four Blue Eggs: American Cinquains


Four Blue Eggs: American Cinquains 


Four Blue Eggs: American Cinquains is a collection of 90 small poems full of metric delights and sorrows, offering solace and hope amid turbulent times. The cinquain (pronounced sĭngkān') is a five-line poetic form of medieval origin. The cinquain was further developed by American poet Adelaide Crapsey (pronounced CRAPE-see), an early feminist and scholar of metrics. Poets and readers interested in short-form poems, as well as teachers of poetry, will appreciate what Four Blue Eggs: American Cinquains offers, including its invitation to experiment with this accessible form.

For a signed copy of Four Blue Eggs: American Cinquains,

please contact Susan directly.


Night Sky

The head
cannot begin
to count the stars. Instead,
a capable heart must fathom
the light.

Treatment Notes


a long courtship
with pain, he has finally
agreed to marry his loyal

People Change

She swore
she would never
date him, but here we are
dancing a conga line at their

Bell Ringer

So shy
she strikes the gong
tentatively as if
there was a nest of moonlight
in the tree.

Short Order


Our time

is limited.
Remember, we could die
before the next small poem gets


This collection of cinquains made me laugh, smile, and gasp in its complex simplicity, precision,
and depth. This is a book that I will reread again and again, absorbing these morsels of beauty,
each cinquain a delightful gem, even when touching on life's most heartrending experiences.

. . . I've read other books of poetry by Susan (which I heartily recommend) and once again she
has demonstrated that she is an extraordinarily gifted poet, able to sift life experiences and
produce pure gold. I can't say enough about this amazing collection.

. . . Susan Glassmeyer’s poems are wonderful. This is a must read.

. . . Loved Four Blue Eggs: American Cinquains—new to me. Wonderful poem book.

—Amazon customers

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